Planning and Optimization Specialist

Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan · Operations


Seeking a highly analytical, problem-solver to manage Swvl’s data analytics

and insights in Karachi

You will be Swvl’s data guru in Karachi - your expertise in analytics

combined with an acumen for business growth will empower you to make

planning modules for our routing and supply optimization. Your ability to

succeed in this role will have a direct impact on Swvl’s profitability and

efficiency in Karachi.

As the Planning and Optimization Specialist, you will be the custodian of

our data-points and will utilize them effectively to provide crucial business

insights that will directly impact the success of our business in Karachi. You

will be highly involved in decisions related to route mapping, planning,

captain finances and utilization.

This is first and foremost a role for a person with an in-depth understanding

of data analytics and a strong understanding of local business insights.The

Planning and Optimization Specialist should be able to make sense of large

chunks of data, ask the right questions and drive business decision making.

Continuous improvement, a strong work ethic and intensive data analytics

is the mantra of this role.


● Maintaining and creating a strong database with effective campaign and

finance tracking

● Planning, creating and constantly optimizing our routes and plans

● Presenting problem statements, asking the right questions and driving

the business into a direction of growth.

● Improving the Swvl brand by providing regular insights from the field


You enjoy challenges, are flexible, can work long / irregular hours

(when needed), and you can deal with ambiguity / ever-changing

demands on your time & productive capacity. You want to be an

owner (stock options / long-term incentive compensation) and you

aspire to ascend into a leadership role in a fast-growing start-up.

● You have strong communication skills and are adept at finding

solutions to ad-hoc problems using data analytics. A background role

in consulting or data-analytics is ideal.

● You have a strong execution bias and love to execute with speed. You

like to get the job done quick, manage timelines well and have

amazing project management skills

● You love to maintain and improve processes and automate data-

management systems.


Travel like a diplomat: employees are showered with SWVL credits

● Get to lead and work with a team of highly ambitious individuals

● Make a difference - SWVL is not just another social web app. They are

moving real people/assets and changing transportation for the future

● Full-time salary negotiable based on experience

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