Supply Manager

Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan · Growth


Seeking an energetic, entrepreneurial individual to lead Swvl’s supply growth

function in Karachi

You will be directly responsible for leading Karachi’s supply acquisition and

growth and have a crucial impact on the business’ ability to scale.

As the Supply Manager of the Growth function, you will be instrumental in

constantly finding and developing new ways to onboard more captains and

buses onto our platform, which will in turn allow Swvl to serve more

customers and grow.

This is first and foremost a role for a strong salesperson who can lead a

large team and enable them to meet acquisition targets. In addition, the

Supply Manager must be adept at developing innovative strategies for

growth and identify upcoming and past trends using data analytics to make

rational decisions.

Rapid growth while maintaining efficiency is the mantra of this role. This is

where entrepreneurialism meets analytics head-on.


● Leading a rapidly growing team and guiding them towards meeting

ambitious growth targets

● Projecting departmental budget requirements and growth targets using

data analytics

● Develop innovative strategies to grow supply quickly

● Oversee the on-ground execution of captain acquisition and identify

different funnels to recruit supply


You enjoy challenges, are flexible, can work long / irregular hours

(when needed), and you can deal with ambiguity / ever-changing

demands on your time & productive capacity. You want to be an

owner (stock options / long-term incentive compensation) and you

aspire to ascend into a leadership role in a fast-growing start-up.

● You have a strong analytical mindset and are adept at making sales.

A background role in sales, operations or the ride-hailing industry is


● You have a strong execution bias and love to execute with speed. You

like to get the job done quick, manage timelines well and have

amazing project management skills

● You are a strong team leader with relevant experience in leading a

team of 5 or more people


Travel like a diplomat: employees are showered with SWVL credits

● Get to lead and work with a team of highly ambitious individuals

● Make a difference - SWVL is not just another social web app. They are

moving real people/assets and changing transportation for the future

● Full-time salary negotiable based on experience and equity

compensation plan

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