Global Market Launcher

Dubai, United Arab Emirates · Expansion


Global Market Launcher

Reporting to: Expansion Lead

Location: Dubai, UAE

Job Overview: We are seeking a market launch champion who plays a defining role in establishing Swvl’s footprint across multiple continents, countries, cities and verticals.

About Us

SWVL is the leading technology company in the mass transportation market. We

are a fast growing data-driven company which is disrupting the public transportation market in multiple continents making people’s lives better on a daily basis.

It started with an observation turning into a realization, too many cars on the streets, wasting our limited resources: time, space and money.

We had to question why we depend so much on our cars? and what are the consequent pains of moving around the city? Rush hours, traffic, terrible driving habits and unavailability of parking spots came rushing through our minds in addition to the pain of burning our wallets to avail on-demand services.

While an affordable decent public commuting solution is not accessible, we thought how can we improve people’s lives? And here Swvl was created, revolutionizing the transportation scene in Egypt and then in Kenya and Pakistan - by providing a technology-based alternative to public transportation, a smart solution that solves the transportation equation, we help our customers commute for less, with ease and comfort.

Swvl is a revolutionary idea that was born from passion, loyalty, and persistence to face all challenges on the table, Swvl is not just a means to facilitate commuting, but a hunger to strive for solutions, encourage the contribution of youth in innovation and inspire change.

Responsibilities and Duties:

Who You Are:

You are a dynamic, adaptable individual who is a generalist with a strong operational and analytical mindset. You enjoy the hustle that involves setting up a new business in uncharted territories and love immersing yourself in unique cultures and experiences.

You enjoy getting your hands dirty and always shoot for the moon - you are not only adept at working across different functions but are great at managing a team and devising strategies for new initiatives and market launches.

If you are ready to travel across the world at a short notice, live in different settings, expose yourself to different markets and business practices while helping Swvl launch operations across continents as well as exciting new verticals, then you are a Global Market Launcher.


What We Offer:

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